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Welcome to Oklahoma Centennial Mid-High School

Site Principal: Mrs. Michelle Pontikos
Vice Principal of 11 and 12th Grade: Mr. Andrew Pearson
Vice Principal of 10th Grade: Ms. Mary Barrett
Vice Principal of 9th Grade: Mrs. Crystal Barber

Vice Principal of 7th and 8th Grade: Mr. Reginald Smith
  Serving Students in Grades 7-12  
School Mascot: Bison
School Colors:  Burgundy &
Established in 2007
Oklahoma Centennial Mid High School

2014-2015 School year


Centennial Students and Parents:

Welcome back!  We hope you enjoyed a relaxing summer break and are ready to begin a successful year at OCHS! We want to make you aware of our school policies and procedures to ensure a safe learning environment which promotes academic achievement!


Students will be placed in classes which support their current level of academic achievement.  This includes both courses to assist with remediation in a core curriculum area where a student has not demonstrated appropriate success, and also advanced courses for students who have excelled in specific curriculum areas.  If you feel your student would benefit from advanced placement courses, please see the appropriate grade level counselor.  Students will not be allowed to change classes for issues of teacher preference or to attend class with friends.  All schedule changes require approval from the teacher(s), counselor, and the appropriate grade level principal.

Dress code-

Shirts: Grey, White, or Black – Solid shirts (No writing or large logos) Sweatshirts with hoods can be worn as long as they are grey, white, or black and the hood is not up while inside the building.  

Pants: black or khaki.  No holes or sagging will be allowed.Leggings, athletic sweats, athletic shorts, and short skirts are not allowed.  

Shoes:  Flip flops and house shoes are not allowed at school.  Athletic slides may be worn with socks.  

Students are allowed to wear any/all OCHS issued t-shirts or sweatshirts any day of the week with the appropriate solid black or khaki pants.  If students are not wearing a spirit shirt, they should be in a solid grey, black, or white shirt, with or without a collar.

Headgear is a violation of school policy and will not be allowed.  This includes baseball caps, beanies, stocking caps, scarves, bandanas, or any other type of headgear that ties.  These items must be kept in lockers once a student has entered the building and will be confiscated if they are worn throughout the day.

Students who arrive out of dress code will be given an opportunity to correct the issue, or the student will be placed in ISS for the remainder of the day.  If the dress code violations are ongoing, additional disciplinary action will be taken as deemed appropriate by administration.


Discipline-  We will be closely following the OKCPS Student Code of Conduct regarding disciplinary issues, including use of electronic devices and attendance/late arrivals to class.  Students will be permitted to have electronic devices while at school; however, any use of cell phones, iPods, mp3, etc... outside of the designated use times will result in confiscation of the device until a parent can pick it up from the front office.  Students will not be allowed to have any type of headphones or ear buds visible outside of the specified usage times.  These will also be confiscated by school personnel and will not be returned without a parent present. Additional discipline will be assigned based on the number of prior incidents involving the student.  

As a reminder, drugs, weapons, gang activity, profanity or aggressive, confrontational behavior directed towards any school personnel will not be tolerated.  These behaviors do not have a place at Oklahoma Centennial and do not represent what our students are capable of achieving.  

Students should demonstrate respectful communications with other students, staff, community visitors, and faculty.  Our goal is to provide all students with a safe learning environment, where academic success is the focus of all who attend here!  We have high expectations for our students, both behaviorally and academically.   We know they will rise to the occasion and become productive members of our school community.

Thank you for your support—We appreciate each of you!

Mrs. Pontikos, Principal

Oklahoma Centennial Mid-High School



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School Connect App

Get the OKCPS App on your mobile device!

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  • MS-HS Class Schedule

    1ST HOUR 7:40-835
    2ND HOUR 8:40-9:30
    3RD HOUR 9:35-10:25
    4TH HOUR 10:30-11:20

    5TH HOUR     
    1st Lunch: 11:25-11:55; class: 12:00-12:50

    2nd Lunch: class from 11:25-12:15, then lunch from 12:20-12:50

    6TH HOUR  12:55-1:45
    7TH HOUR 1:50-2:40